Helping people reach their optimum health and fullest potential by providing the techniques and guidance they need to make their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspirations a reality.


Christopher Gibney has holistic healthcare training and credentials, including a license in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and a Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine.


With 30 years of experience in his private practice, he has helped hundreds of people, often with complex, chronic conditions.


But this is just part of his story.

Christopher’s real story is very personal. It is about sharing life dramas in meaningful relationships: 7 siblings, 28 first cousins, 27 nieces & nephews, dozens of professional associates, many culturally diverse friends, and over 30 years of marriage. 

Christopher walks his talk. He has practiced meditation every day for over 40 years, and has always tried to live a balanced life of practical service and prosperous simplicity.

“My work is about understanding people’s deepest needs, earning their trust, helping them find their truth, and giving them the tools to be their healthiest selves.”


 Practitioner Teacher Writer 



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Christopher invites you to venture beyond what you think is possible.

Way beyond.

And he gives you the tools to go forward one step at a time.

“It does not matter how over the top some of the concepts may seem to you at first. Honest skepticism is good, healthy, even necessary. Do not accept anything that does not ring true to you.

I never ask you to do anything I have not done myself. No theory, no speculation, no mere scholarship. Like snack food, these do not satisfy me, and surely not you either.”

Be a spiritual scientist and use the tools in this book

to explore your own frontiers.

Chris has an amazing ability to take complex ideas and concepts and talk about them in a way that makes them accessible and understandable. He tackles serious topics like existentialism and religion, and presents his ideas playfully and with an open mind, inviting the reader to explore alongside him, rather than follow him blindly. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever wondered if there is more to us and our lives than meets the eye.



Business Consultant & Entrepreneur

I've been working with Chris for years and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this book because I believe if everyone had access to him, the world would be a better place! KNOW connects all of the dots perfectly and combines his deep knowledge of holistic health and meditation with his humor, wit, and personal experiences.  


Creative Director of Authentic Audience, yogi, & writer

It got me hooked! Christopher draws the reader right in with hope and humor. The content is simply written, and even though the subject matter is not an easy one to grasp, it is presented in a way that does not overwhelm at all. There are no coincidences. This has come into my own life at precisely the right time!


Writer and Music Producer



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