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Redefining Failure

The only failure is not learning from an experience.


Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln repeatedly failed in a big way.


They give us precious clues about how to get the most out of life's set-backs.


Hear about what kept them going no matter what.

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What Is Your Dharma?​

How to give the most and grow the most. That is your Dharma.


It is your life purpose, where the rubber of spiritual growth meets the road of material existence.


More than just your occupation, it is your whole way of life.

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Why Meditation Beyond Mindfulness?

Meditation begins where mindfulness ends.


Transcend the mind and the senses with simple techniques drawn from the science of yoga.

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Real Concentration

Intensity without tension.


Real focus is relaxed and without strain.

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Relaxation: The Art of Just Being

Outer diversions are most people's relaxation. But real relaxation is an inner activity.


Doing nothing is doing something profound, when you learn to BE in the present.


Meditation is the ultimate relaxation into pure being.

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Redefining Productivity

Doing nothing is essential to being productive.


You are most productive when you are most calm.


Taking time to BE STILL brings out your creative powers.

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More on Productivity

The quality of your productivity is measured by the kind of influence you exert on your world.


Ego-centric actions are counterproductive.


Soul inspired activity is the most truly productive.

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Soul-Centered Confidence

Ego based self assurance is a fragile facade.


Real confidence comes from soul awareness.

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The Strength of Spiritual Humility

Humiliation is the experience of a proud ego being shattered.


True humility is the tremendous inner strength that comes with shedding the ego and embracing the soul.

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Don't Be Afraid of Fear

Fear happens whenever you step beyond the comfort zone of your ego. So it is part of spiritual growth.


Courage is what you exercise to move through your fears. It draws strength from the fearless nature of your soul.

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How to Change Others

You can't change others, but you can inspire them to change themselves.

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Accepting Your Soul Challenge

You are here for a very high purpose; to realize your true identity as an immortal soul.


The choice is yours.


Will you play life as a mere human or as free soul?

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Patience: Living in the Present

If I can learn patience, anyone can!


Practice living in the moment.


Meditation is the art and science of stilling all restlessness and being completely present.

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The Delusion of Guilt

Part of spiritual growth is being willing to admit your mistakes. It's OK to regret them.


But guilt chains you to your errors and keeps you ego-bound.


Soul contact in meditation frees you from this delusion.

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Clutter-Free Space, Clear Mind

Too much stuff around you clogs up the free flow of energy and thought. It saps you and distracts you.


A few simple steps to clear your physical and mental spaces will free up loads of creative energy.

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Unconditional Happiness On Demand

True happiness is an inner state.


It is not dependent on the constant ups and downs of outer circumstances.


Meditation is the way to tap into that inner source of lasting joy at will.

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The Fundamentals of Meditation


Christopher briefly outlines the basic principles and practices that form the foundation for every system of meditation. In the Guided Introduction to Meditation, he leads you through the practice of these fundamentals.

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Guided Introduction to Meditation


In this short guided meditation, Christopher leads you through the practice of the fundamentals. Performing this simple sequence just 5 minutes a day will help you develop the habits and the abilities you need to eventually experience longer and deeper meditations.

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Connecting with the Higher Power

Use concentrated thought to connect with the power of Spirit. Christopher leads you through the practice of an affirmation that opens you to the inflow of peace and joy from the limitless source of Spirit.

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Erasing Habit Patterns in the Brain

Use the purifying power of focused imagination to remove the source of habit patterns deep in the consciousness. With this visualization, Christopher guides you through the practice of a technique that extinguishes bad habits at their roots.

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Expanding Sphere of Peace

Experience the power of visualization. In this exercise, Christopher guides you through the practice of a visualization that expands your consciousness into the sphere of omnipresent peace.

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Send & Receive Peace & Harmony


Learn how to use the power of conscious, focused thoughts to free yourself and others from the grips of conflict. In this visualization, Christopher leads you through the practice of a simple, but very powerful technique for harmonizing difficult relationships.

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